Tutorial Video: How to Render Concept Art Part 6 – Finishing Touches

In this final episode of the Concept Art tutorial series we add the finishing touches to our creature concept. We will paint the last bit of polish and detail and also create a simple background and make our concept presentable. We take the concept to the final stage so it can be handed off to production or as a marketing illustration. Narrated by the artist.

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2 thoughts on “Tutorial Video: How to Render Concept Art Part 6 – Finishing Touches”

  1. At one point you stated that you would post the original line art for folks to practice with. Are you still planning on doing so?

    Either way, Thank you for an amazing set of tutorials!


  2. Hey man, I was watching your tutorials here during work… and… omg!

    Thank you so much for doing that! Your videos definetly opened my mind about this blending modes techniques. I am sure this will help me to improve my works. Thank you!

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