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[VIDEO] Figure Drawing and Shading Demo

For the last few months I have been obsessed with figure drawing and shading. I’ve been doing a lot of short, 20-30 figure studies and mainly experimenting with shading techniques using graphite or colored pencil. What I’m really searching for are ways to go beyond technique, and add story, emotion and meaning to my drawings. We’ll talk more about that in future videos and lessons. In the meantime, check the demo video above to see a recording of one of my morning exercises.

This is a two part series. Part 1 shows the drawing process, also known as the lay-in. Part 2 shows the shading and rendering process. I’ve also written a detailed text version with two high-res handouts in this month’s Newsletter.

figure drawing and shading handouts by chris legaspifigure drawing and shading handouts by chris legaspi

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NEW Course! Shading Techniques in Photoshop

I’m proud to present this new and exciting course. Shading Techniques in Photoshop is simply the BEST course available on shading and rendering in Photoshop.

Students will learn how to shade and render their drawings using professional level techniques and strategies. Students will be guided through the shading process step by step by an expert instructor (that’s me :)). Along with the lectures and instructor demonstration, there are powerful handouts to help the students review as they go through the course.

For more, check the video trailer above or click here to go to the course page.

The course has over 2 hours(!) of video at 1080p HD! There’s also pdf handouts and other bonus items. This course is a tremendous value for the low price. Take your drawing and painting to the next level, get Shading Techniques and learn how to shade and render today!