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[VIDEO] Mark Westermoe Figure Drawing Demo (2015)

Mark Westermoe is a legendary Illustrator in L.A. who is known for his incredible skill and draftsmanship. He is also the founder of Associates in Art and a living master of the Reilly Method which he learned from Fred Fixler who was a direct student of Frank Reilly.

This video was recorded April 2015 in Pamona, California in front of a live audience. For more information on drawing and painting classes with Mark, click here to go to the courses page

Samples of Mark’s artwork below:

Illustration by Mark Westermoe

figure drawing by Mark Westermoe

figure drawing by Mark Westermoe

For more information on drawing and painting classes with Mark, click here to visit the courses page or click the link below:


Figure Quick Sketch Video: How to Construct The Limbs

This video is demonstrates how to construct the limbs (how the draw the limbs) during a figure quick sketch drawing. The video demonstrates basic figure construction of the arms and legs. Topics covered include gesture drawing, anatomy and landmarks. There are examples from 3 different poses. Narrated by the artist.

This is the video version of the how to construct the limbs tutorial.

Figure Quick Sketch Tutorial: How to Construct the Limbs

Now that we know how to lay-in the torso, well at least from the front view. Let’s construct the limbs to give our figure some arms and legs.

The approach from the torso study tutorial is sometimes called a “construction” approach. It’s a methodical way to observe and de-construct the figure. Besides construction, there are other considerations when laying in the figure. For example, gesture and rhythms are what animate our figure drawing and give it life.

For this tutorial, I will use a a combination of construction and rhythms. It all depends on what the pose is giving me. Some poses the structure is prominent (or can be made prominent), in some poses the gesture (and thus the rhythms) are very interesting. Bottom line, good observation leads to good judgment and good judgment leads to good marks and so on. So always observe, observe, observe. Speaking of observation…

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How to Draw Head Quick Sketch Video

This video is a demonstration of head quick sketch drawing using the Reilly Method, narrated by the artist.

Quick sketch is a name for a short, 1-10 minute, drawing or study from life or model. Topics covered in video:

  • drawing fundamentals
  • head lay-in / construction
  • adding light and shade
  • edgework

This is the video version of the Head Drawing tutorial.

Figure Quick Sketch – Torso Study

This tutorial is an introduction to figure quick sketch drawing. Quick sketch is a name for short, gestural drawing from life or figure model. The poses can generally range from 1-5 minutes. Topics covered will be the fundamentals of gesture drawing, laying-in the figure and an introduction to the Reilly Method. Figure quick sketch is a key fundamental skill in creating effective drawings so let’s get right into it.

The approach to Reilly Method I use is a synthesis of three teachers: 1. Sergio Sanchez, 2. Rhaban Canas and 3. a touch of Steve Huston. When I first started to study Reilly Method, the first thing I was taught was how to properly lay-in the torso. The torso is important because it is the largest mass of the body and it is where all the limbs and extremities originate. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use a front view of a female torso in a relatively static pose. Since the torso is so important, I will spend some time breaking down the steps of the lay-in before we move to light and shade.

Step 1: Capture the ribcage

The torso is the largest mass of the body and the ribcage is the largest mass of the torso. We want to lay-in or capture it’s shape and gesture. Since this pose is static and up and down, I am able to simplify and capture the ribcage into a rectangular shape. Of course, the figure is dynamic and the shape of the ribcage can vary depending on the pose and the angle of the viewer.

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How to Draw Head Quick Sketch

Quick sketch is a short, 3-5 minute drawing used for the study and practice of key drawing fundamentals. The techniques used in this tutorial are derived from the Reilly Method. Generally, quick sketch is done using charcoal on paper, but ballpoint pen makes a good substitution. Being able to draw heads well is a vital fundamental skill to have, so let’s get started.

The subject of our demo will be “Beat” Takeshi Kitano, the legendary Japanese filmmaker. This picture works really well for this demonstration because of the high contrast lighting and clearly defined shadow pattern. We’ll get into shading later, but first let’s start with the basics.

Step 1: Beginning the Lay-in

OK, so this is pretty much how ALL of my head drawings start and how a lot of artists approach head drawing. At this stage I try to observe the key landmarks that will guide the construction of our drawing. For more info on some of the key landmarks of the head, check out the last portrait painting tutorial.

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