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Gesture Drawing Demonstration

Gesture drawing is the most important tool in a figurative artists toolbox because gesture is the beginning of any great figure drawing. This is true not only for fine artists and art students, but also  for illustrators, animators and anyone who wants to invent figures that are dynamic and life-like.

In this 3 part videos, you’ll see a demonstration of my gesture drawing process. The video was recorded live during a life drawing stream of timed poses. Not only will you see me problem solve in real time, but you’ll hear raw, and un-cut voice over where I describe my thought process and share tips, tricks and techniques for better gesture drawing.

life drawing part 3 thumbnail

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Final Gesture Drawings

I minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.

1 minute gesture drawings by chris legaspi

1 minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.

2 minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.


Draw with Me at the Next Stream

The poses were streamed by www.drawthis.com who stream a free, life drawing session on Friday nights.  Make sure to visit their Facebook page to join the next live life drawing stream.

[VIDEO] Life Drawing Demonstrations #1

life drawing demonstrations by Chris Legaspi

Ever since I left Los Angeles (also known as the “mecca” of life drawing), it’s been a challenge to organize or find a regular life drawing group in my new home base of Thailand. Thanks to the hard working people at www.drawthis.com I finally got to draw from life again…well sort of 🙂

Every Friday on their Facebook page they stream a live model for 2 hours. It felt a lot like being there, except everyone got the best, front row seat in the house. As a traveling artist, this life drawing stream was much appreciated. I also got to record a video of the last two poses, a 10 minute and a 15 minute pose. See video below for the 10 minute figure study.

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[video] Life Drawing Exercise #2: Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint

These drawings were done while watching the Daily Life Drawing Session #17 from the New Masters Academy youtube page. The images were timed so it simulates a live life drawing session. The poses are 1 minute (x5), 2 minute (x5), 5 minute (x2) and a 10 minute.

The medium I used are carbothello black pencil, smooth newsprint and kneaded eraser.

life drawing, charcoal pencil on newsprint by Chris Legaspi
Life drawings part 1, 1 minute, 2 minute and a 5 minute pose (lower right)

life drawing, charcoal pencil on newsprint by Chris Legaspi
Life drawings part 2, a 5 minute pose (left) and a 10 minute pose

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Life Drawing in the Bay Area – Part 2

For these next set of Bay Area Figure Drawing workshops, we’re going all the way to San Francisco for 2 open workshops and to Oakland for an all day figure marathon. I’ve organized them by day, but times and day may vary. Please contact the organizers for their current schedule.


San Francisco @ 23rd Street Studio
3747 23rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Time: 6:30 – 9:30 pm (also available Monday afternoons, Sunday and Wednesdays)
Fee: $16

Having the day off for President’s day, I was itching to draw. I decided to make 45 mile drive up to San Francisco and draw at 23rd Street Studio, and it was well worth the drive. First, I corresponded with artist and organizer Michael Markowitz and was able to secure a drop-in slot.

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Life Drawing in the Bay Area – Part 1


I’ve recently caught the ‘figure drawing bug’ again, and have been drawing non-stop since early February of this year. Since then, its been a personal mission and obsession to attend as many figure drawing workshops as possible in the San Francisco Bay Area where I currently live. This is a field report of my recent drawing journeys.

These reviews are of the recent workshops I’ve attended, organized by day. There’s also contact info for anyone who wants to draw at their local workshop, and support the Bay Area life drawing community. This report is currently ongoing, so check back for more updates, artwork and reviews.

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