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Digital Painting Class Demos @ Gnomon School

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Fall Term 2014 is in full effect at Gnomon School of Visual FX. I’m currently running 2 Digital Painting classes, Section 1 and Section 2 (Advanced). I wanted to share some demos I did during previous classes.


kaiju demo sketch by Chris Legaspi
This is a demo sketch of a Kaiju redesign from the Pacific Rim film. The topic of the lecture was rendering and lighting. The small thumbnail image in the upper left is a composition thumbnail. I always encourage students to take the time to plan and compose their drawings and paintings before they begin any finished painting.

facehugger design by Chris Legaspi
This was a demo from Summer term that I decided to take home and polish. The concept is my redesign of a Facehugger from the Aliens universe. I am a HUGE HR Giger fan. I feel that the original designs are so hard to top. I wanted to put my own unique spin by adding wings. What do you think?

If you want to take a Digital Painting class with me, registration for Winter Term will begin sometime in January 2015. Stay tuned to their website for details or subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates personally from me.

If you want to get a taste of what’s in the 10 week class in L.A., I have a new course on shading and rendering called Shading Techniques in Photoshop. It’s over 2 hours of video plus handouts and bonus materials. It’s a great self-study course and a good option for folks who can’t make it to the live class in Los Angeles.

Click here to go the Shading Course page

‘Drawing For Entertainment’ Class @ Gnomon School

I had the honor to lead the “Drawing For Entertainment” class @ Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles. The Class was a week long summer camp for high school students. This group of students were talented and eager to learn. They all worked very hard and made huge strides, which made me look really good.

Thanks to all the students and thanks to Gnomon for the opportunity. I look forward to teaching at Gnomon again.


Working with the students on the perspective drawing assignment.

Sample of student work by a talented young man. The lesson was creating a sci-fi interior using 1 point perspective.

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