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Gesture Drawing Demonstration

Gesture drawing is the most important tool in a figurative artists toolbox because gesture is the beginning of any great figure drawing. This is true not only for fine artists and art students, but also  for illustrators, animators and anyone who wants to invent figures that are dynamic and life-like.

In this 3 part videos, you’ll see a demonstration of my gesture drawing process. The video was recorded live during a life drawing stream of timed poses. Not only will you see me problem solve in real time, but you’ll hear raw, and un-cut voice over where I describe my thought process and share tips, tricks and techniques for better gesture drawing.

life drawing part 3 thumbnail

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Final Gesture Drawings

I minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.

1 minute gesture drawings by chris legaspi

1 minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.

2 minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.


Draw with Me at the Next Stream

The poses were streamed by www.drawthis.com who stream a free, life drawing session on Friday nights.  Make sure to visit their Facebook page to join the next live life drawing stream.