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The Ultimate Guide to Good Figure Drawing Reference

Yes it is and it is long overdue. I’ve been asked countless times by students, friends and artists in training about getting good figure drawing reference and head drawing studies. With the unfortunate lack of a centralized and well organized image gallery, it’s about damn time this issue is settled once and for all.

I’ve posted some of my personal reference collection here in one place, also known as The Official Freshdesigner Good Reference Gallery (GRG). There’s a ton of great reference I’ve personally gathered and hand-picked from various sources.

Good figure drawing reference gallery: Freshdesigner.com/figure-drawing-reference

In the section ‘Where To Find Good Reference‘, I’ve listed the best photographers, websites and books that I know of. These sources produce ideal reference and stock photos for artists. The GRG and the list should be more than enough to keep a hungry and motivated artist busy for a while :).

If you want learn how to find your own good reference, read on…

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