Prometheus Concept Art & Process

prometheus 2 environment design by Chris Legaspi

This is an imagined scene from the Prometheus universe. Since there are rumors of a sequel, I thought I’d concept a scene of explorers on planet “LV 223”. I was a huge Aliens and Giger fan growing up so I was very excited to see Prometheus. To me, the film looked incredible and had killer design. I hope they can keep that up and of course, I’m available to work on it if the studio needs from fresh blood for the concept team.

To see my process for making this concept piece, read below.

Concept Design Process

prometheus concept art process by Chris Legaspi

A. Thumbnail Sketch

The thumbnail is where I design the composition and composition is the foundation of picture making. I spend A LOT of time here designing and revising the composition.

B. 3D Elements

To get accurate perspective I created low poly 3D model of the ‘architectural’ structures. I matched the perspective of the concept sketch, then exported the model to be used in Photoshop.

C. Clean Line Art

Once I had the model and accurate perspective, I created a clean line drawing on a full sized canvas (about 5000 pix wide).

D. Texturing

I wanted a more ‘realistic’ look so I used a lot of photo ref for the texture. The textures also gave me a rough color palette which is quite ugly at this stage and needs some refining and balancing.

E. Balancing and Rendering

This stage is for rendering and refining, which is a slow and laborious process. It isn’t very pretty or dramatic but a lot of fun. Once the shapes and lighting felt good, I balanced the color and the values.

F. Polish & Eye Flow

Polish or finishing touches make the image look professional. I added details like figures and also subtle light and color accents. I also added various accents to move the eye and hold the eye in the picture.


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