Tutorial Video – How to Render Concept Art Part 4: Adding Color

In part 4 of the Concept Art Tutorial series we add glazes of color to our tonal underpainting. We’ll use the color theory and strategies from the last video to create depth, model form and bring our creature design to life. This video demonstrates how to use blending modes and layers to add a transparent wash, or glaze, of color while preserving the tones and values established in the previous tutorial videos. Narrated by the artist.

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7 thoughts on “Tutorial Video – How to Render Concept Art Part 4: Adding Color”

  1. Thanks Mellow! Color is such a massively complex subject. I say it’s best to keep it simple and stick to basics.

  2. Dude! Where did you go? I just watched your 4 part series on youtube, I’ve never seen a better break down and explanation of a painters process before, it was extremely enlightening. Please make more!!

  3. Thanks Jack! I’ve been figure drawing and painting traditionally non stop. The video is coming I swear 🙂

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