Digital Paintings From Life

Recent digital paintings from live model sessions. Drawn and rendered in Photoshop using a Macbook Pro and Intuos 4 tablet.

This series was a unique learning experience. I learned a lot about getting edges and transitions using PS digital brushes. To be honest though, I prefer traditional oil. Something about the tactile quality, the immediacy and getting your hands dirty that makes it much more fulfilling.

digital painting of a female portrait


If you’re interested in learning Digital Painting or just improving your painting and photoshop skills, I am teaching Digital Painting this Summer term @ Gnomon School of Visual Effects. An ‘intro’ class is available online and the advanced section is on campus in Los Angeles.

Click the links below for more info the digital painting classes @ Gnomon School:

Intro to Digital Painting Class (Online), Summer 2013

Advanced Digital Painting Class, Summer 2013

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2 thoughts on “Digital Paintings From Life”

  1. I definitely know what you mean about the feeling of oil paint, except I don’t like the “getting your hands dirty” part haha. Gloves for me!

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