EXPOSE’ 10 Featured Image

My illustration work was recently featured in EXPOSE’ 10, which is an annual publication of illustration art. Thanks to the editors of Expose for contacting me and making sure my work got included in the book. Visit: www.ballisticpublishing.com to order your copy.

“Splatterhouse House”, featured in Expose’ 10, by Chris Legaspi. Pencil, pen and Photoshop rendered.

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Take the ’30 Day Plein-air Oil Painting Challenge’

Last month, I was able to oil paint at least once a day for 30 consecutive days. Once I knew I had the right resources and systems to be able to paint everyday, I was confident that I could take on a 30 day plein-air (outdoor) oil painting challenge.  The image below is a snapshot of my outdoor paintings from the last 30 days.

I also show my outdoor painting set-up, and how I was able to complete the challenge. If you want to learn how to do it for yourself, scroll down to read more.

“30 day plein-air challenge”, began Sep. 11th, 2012.


– How to Take the 30-day Plein-air Challenge –


Plein-air and landscape painting in oils is not easy. The challenges of the medium, travel time and unfavorable weather conditions can make outdoor painting even more difficult. Despite the effort, the benefits of being out in nature and gaining expertise in color is invaluable. In fact, it was this need and desire to improve my color skills that motivated me to commit to painting everyday. To begin the challenge, I had to first assemble the right tools.

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How to Choose the Best Art Marker for Sketching

This is a review of popular art markers that are commonly available at your local art store, craft store or online through various retailers such as Blick Art Materials.  As a digital illustrator, I use markers mainly as a sketch and design tool and not for detail work or rendering. Because of that I only use gray/gray tone markers, which will be the only “color” reviewed here.  Scroll down to see my personal choice for best marker and a buying guide.

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