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Gesture drawing is the most important tool in a figurative artists toolbox because gesture is the beginning of any great figure drawing. This is true not only for fine artists and art students, but also  for illustrators, animators and anyone who wants to invent figures that are dynamic and life-like.

In this 3 part videos, you’ll see a demonstration of my gesture drawing process. The video was recorded live during a life drawing stream of timed poses. Not only will you see me problem solve in real time, but you’ll hear raw, and un-cut voice over where I describe my thought process and share tips, tricks and techniques for better gesture drawing.

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Final Gesture Drawings

I minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.

1 minute gesture drawings by chris legaspi

1 minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.

2 minute poses, ballpoint pen on paper.


Draw with Me at the Next Stream

The poses were streamed by who stream a free, life drawing session on Friday nights.  Make sure to visit their Facebook page to join the next live life drawing stream.

[VIDEO] Life Drawing Demonstrations #1

life drawing demonstrations by Chris Legaspi
Ever since I left Los Angeles (also known as the “mecca” of life drawing), it’s been a challenge to organize or find a regular life drawing group in my new home base of Thailand. Thanks to the hard working people at I finally got to draw from life again…well sort of 🙂 Every Friday on their&

[VIDEO] Figure Drawing and Shading Demo

figure drawing and shading demo video by chris legaspi
For the last few months I have been obsessed with figure drawing and shading. I’ve been doing a lot of short, 20-30 figure studies and mainly experimenting with shading techniques using graphite or colored pencil. What I’m really searching for are ways to go beyond technique, and add story, emotion and meaning to my drawings. […]

[Video] Figure Drawing Process

figure drawing process by chris legaspi
This video shows a brief look at my thought process as a I draw a short, 30 minute figure study. The reference is from a New Masters Academy timed figure drawing session. If you want to read a more in-depth text version, I wrote a full breakdown for this drawing and a head drawing in […]

Shape and Value Fundamentals Workshop

Last week I had the privilege of giving a seminar on the fundamentals of Shape and Value, which are two core principles in my drawing philosophy. The seminar was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce the principles and concepts of Illustrative Realism which is what I call the […]

[Video] Limited Palette Color Study

limited palette color study
**This is a short preview of the full article. To read the full article, visit the new site:** This article is about color and how to use a limited palette to paint a portrait. The palette I used was primarily 2 colors: Phthalo Blue (cool) and Quinacridone Magenta (warm). Hansa Yellow is also used sparingly […]

Life Drawing Exercise #3

head drawing step 4
**This is a short preview of the full article. To read the full article, visit the new site:** Another round of life drawing exercises from the New Masters Academy youtube page. This reference set is life drawing session #32. For this set I wanted to focus on the head. Unfortunately most of the poses […]

[video] Life Drawing Exercise #2: Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint

life drawing, charcoal pencil on newsprint by Chris Legaspi
These drawings were done while watching the Daily Life Drawing Session #17 from the New Masters Academy youtube page. The images were timed so it simulates a live life drawing session. The poses are 1 minute (x5), 2 minute (x5), 5 minute (x2) and a 10 minute. The medium I used are carbothello black pencil, smooth newsprint and […]

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